Blair's Asbestos Work Journal
Letter of Resignation
April 16, 2017

Dear Human Resources:

I am resigning effective immediately from my position of Environmental Remediation (asbestos worker) for 7 years, the strangest, most dangerous, most stressful job I've ever had. Under the circumstances, a 2-week notice would be inappropriate and disruptive. Solution of Friday's meeting was to forgive and forget, and make no visible changes. The status quo. The department is waiting for the current workers to move on in order to expand and hire a new crew.

Now is the time for change. I expect great personal sacrifice. I'm unlikely to find a traditional job because of my age, stigma of asbestos, stigma of college, stigma as target of a workplace bully. I feel like I'm coming out of prison or isolation. It will take a while to get back to normal. During this life-changing Easter, I must place my faith in something other than this job. If not for the photo work journal (now archived) I would have nothing to show for these past 7 years.

Although technically single, I have a non-traditional family. They support my decision. They remember what I was like before this job. They hope that person can come back. I hope so too.

Administrative Details: I have cleaned out my locker and left keys and equipment. I will turn in the IDs and phone to Human Resources. I must handle my health/dental/life insurance and retirement. This resignation falls at the end of Pay Period 8. Leave used is roughly proportional to time of year. No additional leave should be used to punish and cripple me financially, by pulling money back out of my direct deposit account. Hopefully this exit process can be professional.

Blair Hawkins

Blair's Asbestos Work Journal