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Leave/Overtime same pay week

E-mail April 3, 2017
To FM Timekeepers

Hi. I found your email. I have a question. FM/Project Services/Environmental Remediation (asbestos) has a 40-hour flexible schedule. Does that mean 40 hours in 7 days, 7-day workweek or 5 days out of the 7? Fixed academic schedule means 40 hours in 5 days Mon-Fri. Does that mean asbestos workers must use leave for a day off, a routine day of rest?

Recurring problem is management does not want to balance week days off with weekends worked. Correct me if I'm wrong. If time keeper leaves blank any days not worked, the software will count the hours up to 40 and then designate as overtime? Currently management calls a weekday off as a day of leave. Then Saturday counts as a day of overtime. You worked 40 hours, 8 were overtime, and 8 leave are taken at half price.

Surely we are not the only UVA employees who work on weekends. Up until this pay period, management could make the correction. Now under the AIM interface, it's too hard to correct. If you still don't understand what I'm saying, I have documented the problem since May 2016. I picked out a classic example. In the past with much more weekend work, everyone used up all the leave by October. Had a lot of overtime though.

Payday 12-2.

1st Week Nov 14 || M  -  | T 8 | W 8 | Th 8 | F 8 || Sa  8  |Su = 8 UL 8 OT.
1st Week Nov 14 || M (8) | T 8 | W 8 | Th 8 | F 8 || Sa (-) |Su = 40 Hours.

So here's the final question. Is the extra effort to account for hours not worked causing the problem? Thank you for an official answer I can pass on to my manager. There's probably already a policy statement, again, since we can't be the only people with flexible (for UVA) schedules.

Thank you
Blair Hawkins

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