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Wed 4-12-2017. These are the final days of the in-house asbestos department. Work is scarce. Morale is low. Bad attitude and smart phone addiction is at maximum. Someone who is not my boss is bossing me around and barking out orders. The Workplace Bully is in a bad cycle and the real boss is a silent eye-witness. So we've had a company policy that it's okay to bully. Since most people prefer the bully over the bully's victim, I don't want people to know. I assure you if I were supervisor, it would be like a different planet and the bully would have to go. My 20-point plan to modernize the asbestos department dedicated 10 points to personnel issues. All that was rejected by management. I started this work journal because the company-hosted Collab idea was rejected. Why would anybody want to collaborate with other asbestos professionals, or want to show what they do at work? In the current crisis they could delegate some of the planning to me, but instead they restrict access. I hope to be reassigned or draw unemployment toward a better job as this sinking slave ship finally goes under.
Tue 11-8-2016. Real bad past 2 days. It's like your boss is distracted by cellphone all day, doesn't know what's going on, ordering you around, then blaming you when things don't go smoothly. Cursing you while speaking respectfully to customers. I think that's exactly what it is. But the boss was away. On paper I'm the lead man. If I don't do what I'm told, coworker will become a physical bully, step on your tools, push you out the way, disconnect the plug. It's been a while since he overtly threatened violence. It's like he is rushing at top speed through the work in order to return to the phone. He's always a verbal bully. I'm not allowed to say anything negative or helpful critique. Can't say pee, gotta say piss. Any spoken info is not heard because of the urge to return to the phone. Cultural bully-- dictating that offensive racist songs be played on the radio. He's even called me "BOY!" in anger. He's speaking to my racial group, not me.

The supervisor has seen all this in action and done nothing, so UVA is a welcome home for bullies. The two of them have taken to talking about work on the other side of the room facing away so I can't hear, and later claim I was told. I can't prep things or be helpful because I'm ostracised...like middle school. Of course, I don't want anybody to know I'm a bully's victim...like the owner of the downtown parking garage when said City Council was the bully. It's an invitation for others to bully you. Remember the bully doesn't bully everyone. Those people like the bully. And the bully has charisma so low information people will believe his side of the story. But how can this be allowed to stand? I already avoid the bully like standing across the street when waiting for something. I never stand right next to him where he can sucker punch me like on the internet.

Still looking for an exit strategy. Gonna use another day of leave tomorrow as menatl health day. I'll probably say my recently pulled teeth are flaring up. I have applied for project coordinator position. My resume is online. So start applying for everything and practice writing cover letters.

Fri 5-13-2016. It's been off and on. Today it started up before lunch as I drove to the hospital. The bully turned up the radio loud because I had a headache from working in 135 degree steam tunnel. So I had to put on my blue hearing muffs as we drove down the road. While the music was blasting, the bully played an arcade game on his I-phone. All the way to the jobsite.

Where was the supervisor? He was in the back seat playing arcade games. Why didn't he say, turn down the radio? Or stop the bullying? Hmmm. We have 2 bullies. Why would the supervisor set an example opposite the company's written policy against bullying? He doesn't bully the supervisor. He doesn't bully other people, just the guy who spends the most time with the workplace bully. After lunch the bully teased me on Hospital Drive from the other side of the van for standing up to the bully by refusing to drive.

Oh wait. There was that time when he announced to about ten people that you can't beat up women and get away with it. Implying you can beat up other dudes without consequence. I've heard him say that several times. It was the first time he put a whole group of men on notice.

So I'm in a tough spot. And nothing is on video so maybe there's a need. Last year I bought a used van in case I have to quit and can't find a job. Management has placed the asbestos crew in a weakened position so we can't move to another job. That's all documented up to Director. So the readers of this blog are not the only ones who know the stress I'm under, in addition to the physical stress of the job. I started this journal as a way to deal with it.

Wed 2-17-2016. Sergeant Carter helped me carry a large table. As I started stumbling on trip hazard pipes in the floor, Sergeant Carter spun the table, looked at me with a narly face and asked, Why are you dancing? His contempt for me is jeopardizing my safety. At the pod where we put the lockers, I said I had to pee. I was corrected to say "piss". So Sergeant Carter is dictating my diction and use of vocabulary in front of management and anyone who might be around. Toxic work environment. I need an escape plan.
Thu Feb 11, 2016. Sergeant Carter bully situation in the workplace. Apparently I'm Gomer Pyle. Everyone sees what's going on but can't take sides. When reported, the bullying usually intensifies. So I'm looking for a solution that doesn't involve management, whose job is to enforce Respect Policies.

(A) What is Sergeant Carter syndrome? It's when someone speaks to people in a civil, respectful tone. Then they turn their head and speak to you like a dog. They turn back to the other person in a cordial tone. A minute later, they turn to you with a scowl and something mean. Then they turn back to the other people in a professional manner.

When I confronted Sergeant Carter today, he said if I didn't act like Gomer Pyle, he wouldn't have to act like Sergeant Carter. It's my fault as usual. Blame the victim. I probably deserve it anyway. Battered spouse syndrome.

(B) How to make a kid stutter. After watching this for 5 years, and supervisor after supervisor taking the side of the bully, being told I have no common sense, don't eat right, can't do anything right, not allowed to say this or that, no no no... What's wrong with me that I'm allowing this to go on?

(C) Verbal threats of violence. This is a good one. When I make a left turn and there's distant oncoming traffic, it's an opportunity for Sergeant Carter to fantasize what he'll do after an accident when he gets out of the hospital. Punch me in the face. Kick my ass. I told my current supervisor about it, and we watched it happen again. So am I supposed to make sure he don't get out of the hospital?

But the supervisor did not express disapproval. He laughs when we argue. Is that a toxic work environment or what? In the past Sergeant Carter has fantasized about hitting pedestrians with a baseball bat as we drive through campus because they're not following traffic rules. Or kick anybody's ass who calls him a bully. Talking about violence is the first of four stages of workplace violence.

When Sergeant Carter has singled you out to berate and belittle in front anybody, fellow marines, officers, civilians, it becomes depressing. In the show, strangers would stand up for Gomer Pyle. It was obvious to everyone that Sergeant Carter's behavior was unfair and unacceptable. Pyle is the only person who can stop it. Sergeant Carter has crossed too many lines not to put in for a transfer, let alone ever be friends.

If things get worse, I'll have this discussion to give authorities a starting point. Eventually Sergeant Carter will go further than stepping on my tools to force me to stop work, or reach over and put the truck in park while I'm driving. Reckless endangerment, invading the personal space of others. Not encountering a consequence so far, the bully can only be emboldened to take it one stage further

Four Stages of Workplace Violence

  1. Worker talks about violence, wishes violence toward others as a form of justice.
  2. Worker is violent against inanimate objects, slams things around, breaks equipment, becomes unpredictable, makes others nervous with dramatic physical movements.
  3. Worker horse-plays or play-fights a coworker as intimidation.
  4. Worker claims the violence was an accident or the victim threw the first punch after a lengthy provocation.

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