Blair Hawkins' Work Journal

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Fri 11-6-2015. Physics. Vacuum dust from HVAC replacement. Neg Air #2 was left to scrub the air.

Leake Building. Remove a few asbestos tiles and mastic in utility room.

Help sign shop in sheet metal shop to cut pieces for signs.

Thu 11-5-2015. 323 Peyton faculty apartments. Leaking elbow in storage basement room S001. Remove asbestos insulation elbow and adjacent fiberglass.

Giant flying bug appeared on windshield.

Physics. Prepare for dust cleanup from HVAC replacement. Start 6 am Friday.

Wed 11-4-2015. Help sign shop. These posters were removed from hospital west complex because the staff are wearing an official, required identification badge. That raises the question whether there's been a policy change.

Why does this journal have so few pictures of people, only before and after pictures of work? Nobody wants to be photographed working if the slightest rule is not exemplified. For example, I was once lying under a huge tank because of the small space, wearing full PPE, respirator, safety glasses, full protective suit, steel toed boots, and gloves. But not wearing the hard hat meant they couldn't use the photo in the newsletter. I'm hoping to get some action pics so it doesn't appear the work is done through magic.

Tue 11-3-2015. Help sign shop install various signs.

Supply unit, upper garage. Generally items used only once.

Equipment unit, lower garage. Items used repeatedly, with exceptions like large filters.

One functioning shower for containments. One shower to be evaluated. 2 old showers are disposed of.

Mon 11-2-2015. Finish current stage of Pavilion VII.

Dispose of 4 decommissioned negative air machines.

The present inventory of 4 negative air machines.

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