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104 Photos of Cemetery at University of Virginia.

Charlottesville City Council TV10 LIVE & ARCHIVED + other public meetings.

Personal Medical for Blair Hawkins. Update: Tuesday November 28, 2017.
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$900,000 To Replace Locals With Non-Citizens. Sunday October 1, 2017. (Share/Post)

10-2-2017 City Council Agenda 214-page 54-meg PDF 18 items with background material.

Charlottesville has been swimming in corrupt money for many years. We can make perpetual interest-free loans. We can spend $10 million to be reimbursed later. All the spending at the regular meetings is off-budget.

In 2007 Council made a 5-year interest-free loan to Dogwood Housing LLC to subsidize 57-units of so-called affordable housing. The landlord wants to extend the loan a third time for a total of 15-years. In addition to the $850,000 loan, Dogwood Housing must count the free interest as income. Most likely the company is too risky to get a bank loan.

Another $900,000 from the Affordable Housing slush Fund will pay the rents of Dogwood Housing illegal immigrants brought into Charlottesville to dilute the local electorate. The land-stealing Charlottesville Housing and Redevelopment urban renewal Authority and middle-man for land thefts Piedmont Housing Alliance will actually spend and benefit from the money.

How do you know it's a slush fund? (1) They can't account for where the money went. (2) The criteria list is long and finally ends with ANY ARBITRARY REASON.

2002 Hate Crimes Back In The News. Wednesday September 27, 2017. (Post/Share) (Comment)

"Charlottesville Police arrested a man for an attempted robbery on Emmet Street. 33-year-old Vernon Howard was arrested Monday in the parking lot of the 7-11 on Hydraulic Road.

"The victim reported that he was confronted by Howard who waved a gun at him and demanded money in the parking lot of a business in the 1800 block of Emmet Street. The victim said he didn't give up any money and was able to provide a description to police.

"Howard is charged with attempted robbery and a fire arm charge. His case was continued in court Tuesday morning, he will be in court again in November." (Newsplex: Police arrest man for attempted robbery. Sep. 26, 2017.)

Latest on former CHS football player Vernon Howard:

  • In 2002, Howard made news off the field for beating up white and Asian UVA students, and was sentenced to six months house arrest.
  • In 2007, he was charged with 10 felonies for allegedly firing a gun into an occupied minivan in Culpeper, and according to court records, appears to have served 10 days on a disorderly conduct charge.
  • Howard is back in the arrest reports again, picking up public drunkenness charge May 22, and a trespassing charge May 31. (The week in review. The Hook. Jun. 5, 2012.)
Councilor Szakos Dismisses Race Violence As Conspiracy Theory. June 3, 2012.

"I was appalled at The Daily Progress’ decision to run syndicated columnist Thomas Sowell’s rant about the 'race war' against whites ("One side of race war is being censored," May 18)." (Szakos' Letter.)

(Hawkins' Analysis) "In 2002 a predominantly black gang targeted people near the University of Virginia if they "looked white." The story made national news. Mayor Blake Caravati lost sleep over it. Locals wrote letters to the editor calling for a double standard: restorative justice for the attackers, not equal justice under the law. [...] There are no white gangs cruising around looking for random blacks to attack. But there are black gangs targeting whites. Everybody knows about it. And I do mean everybody."

Statues & At-Large Remain From Segregation. Essay of newspaper articles first published Dec. 29, 2016.

Three memes are added. Monday September 25, 2017. The Meme Page.

2017 Candidate Kenneth Jackson Ran For 2004 City Council. Sunday September 24, 2017. (Post/Share) (Comment) (Original Feb. 27, 2017.)

City Council was running scared. A single Republican (Rob Schilling) had won two years earlier. The commission to study ward-mayor system passed 3 to 1 on April 6 at 2:03 am. The Democrats, elected in 2000 who called for reform, now became steadfast oppenents of reform...until out of office again. 13 ex-mayors (8 pictured) signed a partisan letter to threaten political repercussion. Ousted Dem Meredith Richards received 700+ write-in votes but not running.

Urban renewal and eminent domain became a force as I identified by name and photo the urban renewal officials who were denying their political legacies and erasing local history were hammering our "respected" leaders. These criminals are still held in high regard and their names on the West Main bridge as proud opponents of civil rights. This past year we saw what the segregationist At-Large city council is Racism from 1920s KKK era. Democrats want to rid the city of the Lee statue but refuse to purge the Racism from City Council and its push to expand urban renewal (hate crime right now by local Housing Authority).

This November we have another opportunity to waste our time voting in the racist At-Large system designed to shut out minorities and prevent any reforms. Republicans are only a third of city voters.

Archives June 2000 to July 2005. Pages 49 to 72 in 3-meg PDF.

— Mar. 19, 2004. Public has look at Council candidates: Affordable housing theme.

Kenneth Jackson stole the show by speaking plainly and with color. The only candidate born and raised in Charlottesville, he was the only candidate to speak with historical perspective of a serious nature. Kendra Hamilton, the only other black candidate, said that "southerners live in the past", mentioned Vinegar Hill and Jefferson School, and said "we'd be nothing without our stories."

Jackson said the city's population of 40,000 has remained steady since 1970, but the number of city employees has increased from 200 to 800. He recalled a time when there was affordable housing in Charlottesville. He said there is no shortage of housing. Housing prices are inflated and other cities, such as Norfolk, seem to have affordable housing. He said we are the smallest city in Virginia but have the third highest cost of living. He said we need "realistic jobs" and pointed out that Ivy Industries in the Garrett district, which closed recently, employed 350 people.

The only question that seemed to fluster him was this: would you support city marriage licenses being issued for gay couples? Although Jackson has a 15-year-old daughter, he is gay. All six candidates said they support civil unions and agreed that marriage is a state, federal, or religious issue. Despite his frustration, Jackson did not appear on the verge of losing self-control. (He has 4 misdemeanor convictions for violence, the most recent in 1995.)

— Apr. 20, 2004. Republicans give press conference the day before League of Women Voters' candidates forum. (Brandon Smith calls Rob Schilling a carpetbagger.)

At 12:20, Kenneth Jackson began his speech. He said, as a native of Charlottesville, he has seen a decrease in viable businesses and jobs. He said we must not "lose sight of the city's responsibility to be good stewards of public funds." He referred to the proposed transit hub to be built in front of city hall and Fridays After Five as a "poorly located transit center." He said we should avoid programs and projects that are "all show and no-go." In his final remark, Jackson said, if elected, the Republicans will not cut funding for city education.

— Apr. 22, 2004. Daily Progress continues black-out of urban renewal debate: One candidate aware of the issue.

Republican Kenneth Jackson was the only candidate familiar with the issue. He said this happened to him four years ago and that house is now a parking lot. He acknoweledged that urban renewal land transfers have been common and continue to this day. He said this is just one of the many "dirty little secrets" they don't want us to know.

— Apr. 28, 2004. NAACP Forum 13 Questions. Rick Turner theatrics on display.

JACKSON: He said he was the "homegrown tomato," the 37-year-old city native who grew up in the Starr Hill neighborhood. He said he has the experience because he's "been there" and "lived it." In regard to leadership, he said he would "roll up his sleeves" and take the job serious. He promised to represent each and every citizen, maintain financial stability and quality education, and try to close the achievement gap.

— Apr. 29, 2004. Write-in Meredith Richards campaign is real: Ex-mayors endorse party line-up.

— Apr. 30, 2004. Former urban renewal / water board chairman endorses Democrats for Council.

— May 4, 2004. Eminent domain issue in Council race for #1 City in USA: Get out the vote!

"Mr. Jefferson would be Proud: Charlotesville is Number 1", Mar 29, USA Today.

The highlight of the campaign so far may be Apr 29 when 13 former mayors warned the public that the Dems have been here a long time and will be here long after these trouble-making Republicans have gone away. So you better vote Democrat. Yet only the Republicans offer a native candidate....

— May 5, 2004. Dems keep Charlottesville: Stay the course, don't look back.

— May 13, 2004. Election Analysis.

Ward / Precinct

  • 1 Recreation(A) Clark(B)
  • 2 Carver(C) Walker(D)
  • 3 Tonsler(E) Jefferson Park(F)
  • 4 Venable(G) Alumni Hall(H)
  • Absentees(X) not broken down by precinct
--- May 4 2004 ---
Total registered voters (precinct)=total#
3478(A) 2160(B) 1785(C) 2690(D) 1530(E) 3352(F) 3210(G) 1661(H)=19866#
Total who voted (precinct)=total#
1126(A) 470(B) 493(C) 1087(D) 328(E) 889(F) 515(G) 271(H) 160(X)=5339#
(precinct)percent of who voted of total registered in the precinct
(A)32% (B)22% (C)28% (D)40% (E)21% (F)27% (G)16% (H)16% =5339/19866=27%

Total who voted (precinct)percent of total registered in the precinct
1126(A)32% 470(B)22% 493(C)28% 1087(D)40% 328(E)21% 889(F)27% 515(G)16% 271(H)16% 160(X)3% =5339/19866=27%
Recreation(A) Clark(B) Carver(C) Walker(D) Tonsler(E) Jefferson Park(F) Venable(G) Alumni Hall(H) 
705(A)63% 302(B)64% 379(C)77% 633(D)58% 267(E)81% 639(F)61% 352(G)68% 185(H)68% 
103(X)=3465/5339=65% 3465/19866=17%
BROWN 3366
701(A)62% 283(B)60% 365(C)74% 649(D)60% 221(E)67% 510(F)57% 346(G)67% 186(H)69% 
105(X)=3366/5339=63% 3366/19866=17%
LYNCH 3183
619(A)55% 282(B)60% 343(C)70% 598(D)55% 228(E)70% 496(F)56% 340(G)66% 181(H)67% 
96(X)=3183/5339=60% 3183/19866=16%
403(A)36% 167(B)36% 113(C)23% 419(D)39% 67(E)20% 331(F)37% 143(G)28% 86(H)32% 
53(X)=1782/5339=33% 1782/19866=9%
319(A)28% 156(B)33% 110(C)22% 386(D)34% 83(E)25% 274(F)31% 143(G)28% 64(H)24% 
40(X)=1557/5339=29% 1557/19866=8%
WRITEINS 778 (Meredith Richards? breakdown not yet available)
217(A)19% 59(B)13% 50(C)10% 169(D)16% 17(E)5% 141(F)16% 50(G)10 40(H)15% 
35(X)(22% of 160 writeins)=778/5339=15% 778/19866=4%
HIGH 717
170(A)15% 68(B)14% 36(C)7% 159(D)15% 19(E)6% 166(F)19% 53(G)10% 30(H)11% 
16(X)=717/5339=13% 717/19866=4%
Recreation(A) Clark(B) Carver(C) Walker(D) Tonsler(E) Jefferson Park(F) Venable(G) Alumni Hall(H) 
--- May 7 2002 ---
Total registered voters(precinct)
3493(A) 2108(B) 1717(C) 2668(D) 1449(E) 3413(F) 3155(G) 1818(H)=19821#
Total who voted(precinct)
978(A) 335(B) 335(C) 1010(D) 208(E) 730(F) 457(G) 233(H) 89(X)=4375#
Voter turnout(precinct)
(A)28% (B)16% (C)20% (D)38% (E)14% (F)21% (G)14% (H)13% =4375/19821=22%

(candidate) (total votes) (percent of total who voted) (percent of total registered)
CARAVATI 2528 58% 13%
539(A) 171(B) 227(C) 558(D) 147(E) 403(F) 291(G) 138(H) 54(X)
SCHILLING 2169 50% 11%
495(A) 170(B) 125(C) 560(D) 70(E) 373(F) 231(G) 107(H) 38(X)
SEARLS 2085 48% 11%
450(A) 156(B) 206(C) 428(D) 126(E) 345(F) 209(G) 120(H) 45(X)
SALIDIS 614 14% 3%
169(A) 90(B) 29(C) 105(D) 22(E) 117(F) 33(G) 40(H) 9(X)
Recreation(A) Clark(B) Carver(C) Walker(D) Tonsler(E) Jefferson Park(F) Venable(G) Alumni Hall(H) 

Total registered voters(precinct)
--- May 7 2002 ---
3493(A) 2108(B) 1717(C) 2668(D) 1449(E) 3413(F) 3155(G) 1818(H)=19821#
3478(A) 2160(B) 1785(C) 2690(D) 1530(E) 3352(F) 3210(G) 1661(H)=19866#
--- May 4 2004 ---

Total who voted (precinct)=total#
--- May 7 2002 ---
1126(A) 470(B) 493(C) 1087(D) 328(E) 889(F) 515(G) 271(H) 160(X)=5339#
978(A) 335(B) 335(C) 1010(D) 208(E) 730(F) 457(G) 233(H) 89(X)=4375#
--- May 4 2004 ---

(precinct)percent of who voted of total registered in the precinct
--- May 7 2002 ---
(A)28% (B)16% (C)20% (D)38% (E)14% (F)21% (G)14% (H)13% =4375/19821=22%
(A)32% (B)22% (C)28% (D)40% (E)21% (F)27% (G)16% (H)16% =5339/19866=27%
--- May 4 2004 --- 
Charlottesville Independent Media, May 13, 2004.

Single-Shot Vote for Kenneth Jackson. Wednesday September 20, 2017. (Post/Share) (Comment)

Single-shot vote for Kenneth Jackson in November for Charlottesville City Council. Facebook campaign site.

Has anyone other than local Rob Schilling ever won this way? YES. Happens all the time in diluted systems, which are illegal under Voting Rights Act. Bob Fenwick failed in 2009 as an independent, but was later elected by the one-party system. "Fenwick says single shot voting will be "absolutely" crucial to him getting elected. "The technique was used in the '50s during massive resistance– blacks used it to maximize their vote," he says." Source.

Is there another City Council just like Charlottesville's? YES. Tignall, Wilkes County, Georgia tried to stop single-shot or bullet-voting, to maintain power of existing citywide majority and lock out the 43% voting minority, which happens to be black. If the political minority was white, the same federal law would apply. DOJ disallowed the "reform."

"[Tygnall's] five-member council is elected at large by plurality vote to four-year concurrent terms. Prior to 1999, only one member of the city council was black. [...]

"Based on our analysis of the available information, it appears that voting in Tignall is racially polarized and that minority voters under the existing system have achieved some success by limiting the number of votes that they cast for city council seats in order to elect their candidate of choice. This technique is referred to as **single-shot voting.** Under the proposed system, each seat on the council that is up for election will be identified as a separate post and candidates will compete against one another for that specific post. This will eliminate the opportunity minority voters have had under the existing system to boost the effectiveness of their vote for their preferred candidate through single-shot voting. [...]

"It appears, therefore, that the city's proposed addition to its at-large election system of numbered posts, a majority vote requirement and staggered terms will lead to a worsening of minority electoral opportunity, which is prohibited by Section 5. See Beer v. United States, 425 U.S. 130, 141 (1976)."
Dept. of Justice Determination Letter 53.

"The strategy is an election mathematics trick. The goal for a single-shot candidate is to get core supporters to cast only one vote in the race and persuade others to split their votes between the candidate and an opponent. That maximizes the candidate’s own numbers and dilutes the opponents’ numbers."
Art of the single shot: How less can mean more when voters get to choose two.

"In Arizona, two representatives serve each legislative district. By choosing to vote only for me, and not using your second vote, it helps your vote go farther. The Single Shot Strategy has proven effective in allowing us to overcome the Democratic voter registration deficit in the past. It enables us to virtually ensure that at least one Democrat is elected to the State House — the only way the moderate values of our district are represented in a balanced way."
What's this Single Shot thing anyway? Kelli Butler for Arizona October 12, 2016.

"It is virtually impossible," says Schilling. "The last independent elected was in 1936. These elections are rigged to favor Democrats."
Single Shot: Can Independent Win Council Seat? Oct. 27, 2009.

More on Charlottesville's Broken City Council.

More about Kenneth Jackson from The Hook 2004. "He's African American. He's gay. He lives in Section 8 housing. So why is Kenneth Jackson running for City Council as a Republican? Jackson doesn't put too much stock in political parties."
Hot Seat: Kenneth Jackson Not Your Stereotypical Republican. Feb. 19, 2004.

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