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Photo Essay "Gone Part 1" C'ville Images. 11 Images. Sunday July 23, 2017.

Start here at top of Vinegar Hill, said to be the Midway point from Court Square to the University of Virginia. Head west toward the University with these first photos on your right. Midway building 1828–1973 on your left 100 Ridge Street.

The Amoco Station is behind you, now the Lewis & Clark building. Behind the sign is 1916 McGuffey Elementary. Turn around and continue down West Main and look back.

This is now the Flats Apartments on the left. Further on left was Dolly Madison Inn at JPA and West Main, now children's hospital.

On to Emmet intersection and go north. John Emmet was a botany professor, whose house still stands.

The Kmart was built across from the Ridge Drive In, now Kroger's. Just south of the airport runway, this Pleasant Grove congregation rebuilt in a safer location. Last of several reports Nov. 2008 on eminent domain to move this 1875 church.

Now let's come back downtown and get your bearings. Here's Lee Park. A & N Army Navy Surplus would be lower right off photo edge. Riverdale residence 1912–2014 upper right at some distance off photo.

Here's the Robert E. Lee connection to Charlottesville. Lee statue is the site of the home of Lee's secretary, who delivered the final order at Appomattox for the Confederate troops to go home. The distinction is recorded on Colonel Venable's tomb stone at the University Cemetery 104 photos. Venable School 1925.

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