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Day 7 of Unemployment. Sunday April 23, 2017.
Previous job June 7, 2010 to April 16, 2017.

Couple years ago I bought a used mini van in case one day I couldn't take it anymore and had to quit and couldn't find a job. I could live in the van, a mobile home. As a single man I can afford to stand on principle and austerity. That day came on Sunday when I published my letter of resignation on Facebook and cleaned out my locker. Then I went to Human Resources to make sure they knew I quit.

Exit Process Monday April 17 at HR. I'm fully vested (more than 5 years full-time employee). Health/Dental insurance expires end of month. 31 days to convert Life Insurance to individual policy. VRS state retirement can wait til 2030 retirement and start paying. I can add to it if I work for a state agency. 401K I can keep adding to. Both are small and can be cashed out at high penalty.

New Paradigm. Self-employed. I no longer sell my time for someone else to manage. I now sell products (entrepreneur) and services (freelancer). What products do I have? I can write a book or publish a collection of greatest hits in past 17 years. A niche market so I would give away the first book as a launching pad to the second. To get my name and talent out there. Maybe I could sell a song. Or I could write something on commission. If nothing else, you can see from the resignation email some effective communication. I could write the recent history of Charlottesville in collected newspaper articles. Have plenty of stories to tell. Need to think outside the box.

Maintain Routines. Work is the biggest lost routine. I don't usually think about food, which I link to the work routine. To avoid depression, you want to treat yourself to good home-made food. Don't forget the fiber so toxins can move though instead of making you depressed. Don't forget the vitamins.

Create new routines. I joined Planet Fitness April 14 to get my body back into shape and recover from the workplace injuries.

Don't start smoking again. Nicotine-free for about 2&1/2 years. Smoking is totally negative. I only want a cigarette if I'm depressed or anxious, as punishment because it makes me feel worse, not better. Don't fall back into bad habits.

Budget and schedule every dollar.

Plenty of resources on Google. Stay positive. The reason you quit was depression.

Unemployment: Still The Best Thing To Happen To Me. Feb. 8, 2016.

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