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Fake News vs Real News. Thursday April 27, 2017.

City of Charlottesville is dealing with 3 lawsuits.

(a) For willfully violating County ordinance for the "City park" in the County, actually reservoir land since 1880s. Shared recreational use as Ragged Mountain Natural Area since 1990s. City owns but leases for $1 to Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority since 1972.
(b) For willfully voting to sell the war memorials General Robert E. Lee park 1917 and statue 1924. City intends to rename and contextualize Stonewall Jackson park only a block away.
(c) For not allowing Water Street Parking Garage to raise rates to market-rate.

Real local history from the Blue Ribbon Commission's Report.
(1) Add Marker To Lee Park.
(2) Statues & At-Large Remain From Segregation

Daily Progress opines what a good idea that Friendship Court, historically largest public housing, won't have any public agency support in the latest expansion of urban renewal. Editorial Page Editor knows a public program called Housing Authority seized and consolidated hundreds of homes into the 12-acre superblock 1977 and then sold to a government agency called a nonprofit. "It's fascinating to watch..." The newspaper and City Council have been trying to further expand urban renewal (stealing by eminent domain to seize and sell real estate) since a 2006 Charter Amendment failed in the Virginia Senate and launched Blair's Blog. The successful opposition is invisible to the media and other advocates of urban renewal.
Corey Stewart, Republican Candidate for Virginia Governor, stands up for history and historical artifacts. Newspaper does a hit piece portraying Stewart as a white supremacist. Stewart was the first to ride the anti-immigration wave into elected office in Prince William County... long before President Trump.

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