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Sunday April 23, 2017. Maybe I could bake some quiche. Open a "Quichetro" Bistro. But instead of beer and bar (regulation to infinity) make it a take-out window like the 2 Broke Girls sitcom have moved up from waitresses to their own cupcake stand. Nobody's bossing them around. They supervise themselves. They have ownership. They sell a product. Quichetro has a slice of quiche and a drink for 6 bucks. All orders are to go. $6 lunch. Quiche has to be filling and bulging with healthy ingredients. Start baking 3 a.m. Start selling 9 to 2. Clean up, go home 3 p.m. You don't mind working 60 hours a week. If nobody buys anything, you don't get paid. But when they do, the profit goes into your pocket. You can translate doing a good job to more money. Whereas not so if you sell your time to drive-by management. You get paid more because you don't need a supervisor. Then you franchise your system and trademark your name. IPO. Millionaire. This quiche has chicken & bacon, green & red pepper, cheddar & swiss, and of course mushrooms. I have not run the numbers. But it is a business idea.

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