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Councilor Ignorant Of Town's History. Wednesday June 7, 2017. (facebook post)

Bob Fenwick confuses Charlottesville with his hometown Anacostia in southeast D.C. where race riots have ravaged the community. Interview on Schilling Show this afternoon.

But Charlottesville has had only one riot. That was 1970s on West Main just south of Westhaven public housing for Vinegar Hill refugees. Summer heat was the reason given for smashing windows at Leggett's and Safeway. More recently, at a meeting of the urban renewal commissioners, similar riots were threatened if Council / CRHA continue to ignore residents.

("Theresa Stinnie warned that frustration and anger have already triggered race riots on West Main at the former Safeway grocery store next to Westhaven public housing “all because the cry was not heard.” It’s a “generational curse” because Stinnie’s ancestors lived on Vinegar Hill." (Sep 24 2012)

But racial gang violence and random attacks have always occurred. Before 1960s it was whites attacking blacks with some exceptions where the Klan was attacked. Since the 1960s it's been mostly blacks attacking whites. In both eras the local police and City Council sided with the larger violent force.

Fenwick referred to the many lynchings in Charlottesville over the years. Since the Civil War there have been only 2 lynchings here. A black man 1898 in Blue Ribbon Report. And a white man 1882 omitted from the racially biased Blue Ribbon Report. But the Schilling Show had the story.

Like the symbolic mayor Signor, Fenwick wishes Winston Smith in "1984" would hurry up and falsify the archives to agree with modern propaganda. They deny the Golden Age of Race Relations to avoid comparisons.

Fenwick went on to distinguish the KKK into 2 groups. The first is the Proud Klansman coming from North Carolina to protest the anti-white racism in Charlottesville expressed in the Lee and Jackson statues debate. This group is proud to display insignia, wear white hoods, and burn crosses. They actively divide people into groups and members of groups, not individuals.

Fenwick did not go on to describe the 2nd group of which he is a member. The Down-Low Klan who support the KKK policies and philosophy, while denouncing any opponent as racist whether KKK or anti-KKK.

What Klan policies do Fenwick and his 4 colleagues on City Council support? The At-Large system of representation that shuts out minorities. The same city-wide majority elects all 5 councilors every election. When the Klan Democrats implemented this system in 1920s same time as Lee statue, blacks were the largest minority.

Annexing the white suburbs further diluted the black vote. Today blacks are 20% and larger minorities are also shut out. In 1981-82 NAACP tried convert the at-large councilors (mayors who represent whole city, no precinct or neighborhood, and appoint city manager to be actual mayor) back to the pre-At-Large system when blacks were elected. The first token black elected to represent the white majority was Charles Barbour 1970.

Since 2002 there have been at least 9 efforts recorded in the media to address the unresponsiveness of City Council. The latest is the Roaming Townhall where Council comes to the minority neighborhood shut out from representation. That didn't fix it. City Council opposes any effort to reform the KKK Commission government functioning as it was intended.

What other hate crimes does Fenwick support? Urban Renewal, the public stealing of real estate from the minority voters by using eminent domain to sieze from blacks, elderly, etc. to sell, sometimes for $1, to the wealthy. Vinegar Hill is less than 20% of all the land stolen by City Council since 1954. Council has been denying and trying to expand urban renewal for more than a decade. In this case the media have been more eager to report fake news.

Now WINA radio AM-1070 is promoting the hate crime of urban renewal in advertisements. I have heard the ads on the Schilling Show and Charlottesville Right Now with Les Sinclair. Why does WINA want old people to suffer at Crescent Halls?

The ad brags that immigrants are welcomed in our public housing on land seized from the poor black community and other voting minorities. IRC = International Rescue Committee. The more I hear these hate crimes promoted on the radio, the more heat will come to bear.

The KKK-SURJ-City Council will rally in July at a symbol of white supremacy, City Courthouse, 315 East High, where all those Vinegar Hill deeds and hate crimes are archived.

Jason Kessler's anti-racism rally will be in August at Lee Park.

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