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Success = incremental realization of a worthy goal. Money is earned by selling products and services. We become what we think about. Make the best product and money will come. Persistence = faith. What have I persisted the most in my life? Writing stories, song lyrics, essays, technical writing, and foreign languages.

I quit my bigtime white collar job in 1997 Cinco de Mayo to become a hippie writer. In 2000 I started writing non-fiction politics and ran for office in order to write a book some day to become successful financially. That day is now. But money is not my true goal so I get desperate and take on a menial job to pay bills. That takes away the positive creative energy for writing.

But writing is a creative tangible product to own and sell. I feel I have become a powerful writer in last 20 years. Now that I'm unemployed with at least 30 days to maintain positive thoughts, I need to copy and paste to a pdf file, which is an electronic book. I've done that. But I have to make a real one and place it on a real site. I'm closer to my goal than ever. What's holding me back? Now my work journal is about being unemployed and connecting my worthy goal to money. (Friday April 28, 2017.)

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