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Flat Tax To Reduce Civil Unrest. Sunday Editorial August 20, 2017.

What advice would Thomas Paine give today? Some people argue whether Paine should be considered a founding father. He moved to America in 1774. The 48-page pamphlet "Common Sense" was published anonymously January 10, 1776. In proportion to population, it's the best-selling book in American history.

His profound insight is "Fear reveals itself in Anger." John Adams said, "Without the pen of the author of Common Sense, the sword of Washington would have been raised in vain."

The political argument has two parts: the reason and the motivation. Righteous means you're right and justified. Simply calling King George a Brute has no constructive content. It's unfocused anger, which is negative and self-destructive, leads to the French Revolution.

If your creed or code of conduct is morally superior, you will be guided by providence. America's credo is All Men Are Created Equal. Liberty and Justice For All. E Pluribus Unum. Out of many we are one.

Despite our many differences we all have something in common. The God-given right of Due Process, the social contract that permits taxation. The verdict varies but the goal is for a standard procedure. If a right is trespassed, you have anger although you may have never learned about that right. So you don't know why you're angry.

Anger also comes from frustration. Apathy means you don't care. Nihilism means you do care, but nothing you do matters. I am a nihilist. Over time you become so mad that you can't see straight, want to tear down everything. Your emotions blind you to all sorts of differences.

You see every member of the group the same as a bad member. So I myself have smeared all Democrats as bad. I'm guilty of emotional reasoning at times like everybody. Try to direct that energy to something positive that may exist only in the future (hope) or the past (enlightenment) if your contributions don't make a difference (nihilism).

We need something to unify the competing groups created by the Progressive Tax Code installed by Woodrow Wilson. It makes sense that different groups should be treated differently because they are different. That is NOT the American Way.

A Flat Tax or Fair Tax is proportional taxation. Everybody pays the same Rate but a different Amount. If you earn or spend a million times more money, you pay a million times more tax. That's not what we have now. The majority has voted to shift the tax burden to the voting minorites.

Remove the bigotry from our tax code. Let the righteous anger Make America Great Again.

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Blair Hawkins.

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