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The Titanic Already Sank. Thursday September 7, 2017.
Responds to Free Enterprise Forum commentary by Neil Williamson.

The Titanic (Garrett urban renewal) already sank. The sister ship is the S.I.A., today's Charlottesville brainstorming how to make the same journey. But we don't know the Titanic was hit on the right side by an iceberg and broke in-two as it sank. That's what hundreds of surviving witnesses say. But the investigation was politically motivated for insurance purposes.

Now you have 2 competing histories. The locals are in the life rafts. Everyone knew someone who drowned. Outside consultants are brought in to push the official history which will lead to another sinking of an entire neighborhood.

Today we somehow don't know that Eminent Domain was used to seize and sell real estate in the S.I.A. Some of that land is still for sale since 1970s, vacant space or parking lots where people once lived and worked, the key part of the latest scheme. Why won't anyone buy it? Yeah Bill of Rights says it's a crime but Supreme Court and numerous referendums say it's okay.

Old guy in life boat says:

(a) Return the land to the legal owners or heirs so they can sell it for the desired development. That resolves the theft status of the property.

(b) Sell the land at auction. Property seized through Due Process is sold at police auctions. Property seized through Eminent Domain is not supposed to be sold, thus a corrupt process. The legislature that seizes the land also cherry-picks the new owner and subsidizes the transfer.

(c) These reforms should be standard throughout the merchant fleet. Public Use should be the requirement to seize without Due Process. So CRHA Charlottesville Redevelopment & Housing Authority must be stripped of its Redevelopment "seize & sell" authority. Nobody should have this authority.

The captain of sister Titanic politely rolls his eyes and says: That's already the first chapter of the official regulations. So you don't know what you're talking about.

The passengers just want the crew to follow proper procedure. And stop rolling their eyes in blatant defiance while asking you to "trust" them. Why won't the captain follow the existing regulations?

The Titanic was a good analogy.

This image shows Friendship Court public housing and the green space and parking lots called super-blocks.

2007 Charette at Westhaven where urban renewal director Noah Schwartz kept asking for any- any at all- ideas for Levy Avenue parking lot since 1972.

Life Boat Perspective:

Blair Hawkins.

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