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(Updated 2-23-2017. Equipment-Vacuums.)

Certificates, Awards.

ICRA 10-6-2016.

Job Hazard Analysis- Floor Tile / Mastic.

Job Hazard Analysis- Glovebag Removal.

ALTAIR-4X Gas Monitor Manual, etc.

Study tools for certification.

UVA-EHS Asbestos page.


1. Floor Tile / Mastic

SDS Asbestos (chrysotile, amosite, crocidolite)...Fire Diamond 1-0-0. Sometimes called poor man's glass, becomes glass when heated sufficiently. Wikipedia.

SDS Chemsafe 100C Mastic Remover... 1-2-0 PPE H. Petroleum product.

SDS BEAN-e-doo Mastic Remover... 1-1-0. Alcohols from soy.

SDS Chemsafe 400 Carpet Adhesive Remover... 2-0-0. Types of ethanol.

SDS White | Clear. Chemsafe 500 Encapsulant Fiber Lockdown. Fire diamond is 1-0-0. Binds to fibers and encapsulates in acrylic polymer. Used with Airless Sprayer when airborne fiber is high.

SDS | PDS 22-P Penetrating & Lock Down Encapsulant. 1-0-0. Latex emulsion.

SDS | PDS CC-2B Bridging Encapsulant. 1-0-0. Water-based polyvynil acetate emulsion.

PDS Foster 32-21 Blue acrylic sealant. 1-0-0.

SDS | PDS Fiberset PM Post-removal Surface Sealant. 1-0-0. Latex emulsion coating.

SDS | PDS Pene Wet Wetting Agent & Surfactant. 1-0-0.Latex emulsion coating.

2. Glovebag Removal

Glovebag Key to sizes and shapes.

SDS Ajax Liquid Soap surfactant to amend the water. Soapy water is required.

Lag Kloth insulation repair lagging / Lag Kwik water-activated repair cloth. No fire diamond provided. Strips of cloth coated with fibrous glass and glass dust, bentonite clay (healing properties) from volcanic glass. SDS here and here.

SDS Interior Encapsulant Lagging - White Paint. Fire diamond 2-0-0.

3. Miscellaneous Asbestos. From 1880s to 1970s max use, asbestos in more than 3,000 products.

SDS Ram Tack Spray Adhesive from Chemsafe. Fire Diamond 2-3-0.

SDS CRC Industrial Gasket Remover. Fire Diamond 2-3-0 PPE B.

4. Lead Paint

SDS 1 | 7 Peel Away Paint Remover.

5. Mold / Mildew

SDS Bleach. Sodium hypochlorite. Reacts with acids and ammonia to produce noxious gas. Fire diamond 3-0-0.

MSDS | SDS | PDS | Label Shockwave Disinectant & Cleaner (8310). Ammonium chloride. pH 11.7 to be diluted. Fire diamond 3-0-0 PPE B.

MSDS | SDS | PDS Aftershock Fungicidal Coating (8390). Titanium dioxide. Fire diamond 2-0-0 PPE A. Apply above 50 Fahrenheit.


10-23-2015. Inventory of 4 Negative Air machines.

Both stand-up HEPA vacuums installed new old-style HEPA filters mid-Nov. 2015. One failed 9-23-2016. The HEPA filter had holes and was a mess. Both need new wheel base carriers, worn out.

11-7-2016. New HEPA filter for failed filter on 9-22.

11-8-2016. Vacuum electric cord needs repair.

12-7-2016. Both upright HEPA vacuums are cleaned. Used wrong vacuum bags (4464), small for backpack vacuum, won't last. Old HEPA (big, draws from bottom) to be replaced when bags arrive. One new HEPA filter on-hand (draws from side). One sock on-hand. To Order: Proper bags. Wheel base carriers. Socks. Pledge furniture polish.

2-23-2017. Second upright vacuum installed new HEPA filter with proper bags #54142. New wheel base carriers have come in but no wheels. Existing wheels are worn out.

11-18-2015. Backpack HEPA Vacuum. Cleaned and new hoses.

Airless Sprayer Titan Advantage 400 Electric Piston Pump. Owners Manual.

Asbestos Dumpster at Fontana with magnetic signs.

Cordless Drills.

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