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104 Photos of Cemetery at University of Virginia.

Charlottesville City Council TV10 LIVE & ARCHIVED + other public meetings.

Oiginal Sin. Friday January 19, 2018. (Comment) (Share)

March 18, 1974 the downtown pedestrian mall is passed by 40% of City Council. Public safety is the most common criticism of downtown Charlottesville today.

Tale Of Two Speeches – Mary Carey Shuts Down City Council. Monday December 18, 2017. Share/Post

Black supremacist Mary Carey threatens safety of Councilor Kristin Szakos several times. Allowed to stay.

Carey began her speech by thanking a group called Ebony.It went down from there. Szakos insisted Carey be removed. Antifa Attorney Jeff Fogel became disorderly in defense of pro-black racism. Fogel himself is a violent person. Camera was turned off.

At 7:33 pm cameras came back on. Carey was allowed to stay. The Black racism won. Szakos apologized. In the previous speech, Jason Kessler threatened nobody and called for inclusion. Yet police escorted Kessler from the chamber. So we have yet more proof that the police and City Council are racist.

Other breaking news is the new police chief has resigned. The Council meetings are the 1st & 3rd Mondays at 7 pm. Watch the meeting LIVE.

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