Blair Hawkins' Work Journal

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Fri 10-23-2015 University Gardens.

The inventory of negative air machines are now labeled to track the service history of the big ticket item. The paperwork goes into the PVC tubes to be mounted on the back of the machine. The labeling pays off only in the future if it's discovered the machine was contaminated somehow, so you know which machine was where on what day. The log form sticky-back glued to the machine was rejected because the splash of mastic remover would dissolve any writing. There are 4 more negative air machines inside the storage unit, which are decommissioned, broken, worn out, now on schedule to be disposed of properly to free up space.

Thu 10-22-2015 Chemistry 5th Floor. 3 glove bags removed, personal air sample worn for 30 minutes. So I should get back an "Airborne Asbestos Fiber Analysis" sheet like the sample below.

Jordan 2-32 Remove black mastic elbow on fiberglass insulation above drop ceiling.

Heating Plant. Hang and remove 5 glovebags on 3 pipes in steam tunnel. Co-worker wore the personal air sample monitor and should get back a personal analysis. 2 hours overtime.

UPDATE 9-24-2014 Dawson's Row. I believe the actual asbestos sample sent to the lab came back 90% amosite brown asbestos, short needles. Most asbestos (95%) is long stringy white fibers, lower risk to health. Before sending it to a lab, it was thought to be horse hair. The air sample, according to this form, was within safe guidelines. So the soaking wet asbestos did not release many fibers as it was placed into disposal bags.

Wed 10-21-2015 Chemistry 5th Floor. First 17 photos of work areas performed in early-to-mid September. Results of 3 asbestos air samples are still not communicated back to crew. UVA/EHS Asbestos page. I don't see online clearance samples.

3 glovebags hung today for removal tomorrow. Inspector to look at preparations, give a briefing, and present the analysis of the most recent air samples.

Tue 10-20-2015 Corner Building.

Attend HoosWell Open Enrollment talk.

Help sign shop.

Mon 10-19-2015 "Corner Building" rear facing Old Med School and Heating Plant.